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Step into the future of pharmaceutical analytics and technology solutions with Pharmametricx: Precision redefined, innovation empowered.


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We continuously pioneer new technologies and approaches to address industry challenges with our domain experites in this Pharma industry


Regulatory Compliance and Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding our clients' needs and objectives, ensuring our solutions are compliant with regulatory standards.


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"Innovative Technologies, driven by our team of expert professionals

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Providing Your Business With A Quality IT Service is Our Passion

Delivering unparalleled IT service excellence to fuel your business growth is our unwavering commitment at Pharmametricx

Lab and Analytical Solutions 90%
Customize Generative AI model75%
IT Consulting 85%
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LIMS Implementation and Integration

Tailored solutions for Laboratory Information Management Systems, seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

QMS Development and Deployment

Customized Quality Management System development and deployment to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Analytics Solutions

Advanced analytics leveraging artificial intelligence to extract actionable insights from your data, enhancing decision-making processes in your own space

Document Management System

Efficient document management solutions to streamline documentation processes, facilitate audit compliance, and ensure traceability in the pharmaceutical industry.

Custom Software Development

Bespoke software solutions tailored to your specific needs, addressing unique challenges and enhancing productivity.

Consultancy Services

Expert consultation on IT strategy, system optimization, regulatory compliance, and best practices in the pharmaceutical and analytical industries.

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Rahul Mahajan

Founder, CEO

Parul Mahajan

Co-Founder, CTO


Chief Creative Officer

Amrata Gupta

Creative Director
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